Consulting for internationalization and
international business development

Many companies successfully implemented their extraordinary brands and products in their home markets. The potential for businesses to become international is not fulfilled for many reasons. However, this potential is the most interesting aspect for the qualitative and sustainable development of any business success. More often than not, it is due to the lack of time, capacity and the right head with international experience.

We are the perfect partner for your company if

  • you are building or extending your business internationally
  • you want to attract international customers
  • you want your organization to comply with international challenges
  • you are aiming for partnering internationally and working in international teams
  • you have to manage international projects professionally

“Operative consulting” means

  • listening, seeing, feeling . . . understanding your company
  • developing concepts and strategies which can practically be implemented
  • working out solutions together with your team
  • defining and practicing roles and responsibilities together with your team
  • guiding your team to international success
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