Our Approach

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We support you in internationationalizing your business successfully. Developing your company and your business in your home market is fundamental for internationalization. Based on that observation, we work out concrete measures and action plans to evolve the crucial starting points for internationalization:

  • Goals & Strategies
  • Communication & Information
  • Structures & Processes

It’s people who make success, so we pay special attention to People and their Contacts. Based on many years of practical management experience we work with you to develop the abilities and efficiency of your organization.

There is no success without action. We support you and your team through the implementation and execution of the activities that internationalization requires. We help you impelmenting any necessary changes, as Executive Consultant, Coach, or Interim Manager.

1. Goals & Strategies

We support you in the formulation and implementation of your goals for internationalization. We help you developing your strategies and assist you in making decisions.

This includes:

  • The optimization of marketing strategies and plans
  • The classification of markets and clients according to targets and potential
  • The examination of market entry and operation modes
  • The search for and selection of suitable partners
  • The development of productive marketing and sales organizations

2. Communication & Information

We support you with the planning of internal and external communication and information flow to facilitate the process of internationalization.

This includes:

  • Developing communication strategies and concepts
  • Defining channels and means
  • Increasing intercultural communication competence
  • Negotiating on an international level
  • Improving the quality of communication

3. Structures & Processes

We support you in fulfilling the organizational requirements for internationalization by conceptualizing and creating the necessary structures and processes.

This includes:

  • The development of organizational and operational structuring of the company
  • The determination of roles and responsibilities
  • The definition of internal and external interfaces
  • The development of the interplay of all participating functions and teams

4. People & Contacts

We support you in the optimal allocation of your most valuable resources, people and their contacts. Internationalization is not a discipline for individual players but a multifaceted process surrounded by teamwork.

This requires:

  • Further development of people and their skills
  • Promoting teams through communication and cooperation
  • Leveraging the diverse sets of experience your employees bring
  • Supporting people in transitional phases and changing roles

Interplay of Success Factors

Internationalization will work as long as the interplay of success factors, their dependencies and reciprocal effects on one another, are anticipated and planned effectively. This is why we work out all the factors regarding content and timing in close cooperation with your team.

The interplay has to be conducted like an orchestra and reflects your company culture. You know the capabilities of your organization. Let us find out together which “piece” should be played in your company.


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